A recent reader found it strange that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris could garner 7 million more votes than Donald Trump and Mike Pence in the November election for president and vice president of the United States.

Yet, The Advocate and other legitimate news organizations have reported that, in numerous Trump campaign lawsuits, no court has found any evidence of voter fraud. The Trump supporter pointed out that Biden and Harris held small virus-safe rallies — while Trump jetted around the country in Air Force One and held super-spreader events.

Maybe, just maybe, the great majority of voters welcomed Biden’s power of example over Trump’s example of power. Maybe the great majority of voters also remembered how Trump welcomed Russian interference in the 2016 election and obstructed justice when investigations were conducted.

Maybe the majority didn’t agree with Trump & Co. when they separated children from their parents and guardians and held them in cages. Maybe the majority was simply fed up with Trump’s lies about the press.

Maybe the majority thinks Trump is not a good leader in the war against COVID-19. Now that over 325,000 Americans have died under Trump’s lack of leadership, maybe it isn’t so strange that the majority of voters were not deceived by Trump’s disinformation campaign.



New Orleans