I read with great interest the article Wednesday about working-age America being the new face of poverty.

Much to my surprise, nothing was mentioned about the corporate war against the American worker and the resulting decline of labor unions as being causes for this travesty.

Americans love their cheap Chinese trinkets and foreign cars. Corporations have been happy to oblige by moving factories overseas.

Workers fortunate enough to have a job here in America have been rewarded with pay freezes and artificially low wages with little or no benefits package.

In today’s society, union busting is considered healthy for business and good for our economy.

The American worker is viewed as an overpriced labor cost, cutting unnecessarily into stock prices and corporate profits.

The average American assumes our factory workers are lazy bums sitting around playing cards and reading the newspaper instead of working. No one ever thinks anything negative of corporations. After all, they are perfect, right? All of this coincides with the resurrection of the Republican Party.

Republicans hate working people and view us as plebeian slaves who exist solely to serve the rich.

The corporate propaganda machine has fired a bullet of misinformation into the collective psyche of the average American citizen, and the citizens have taken the bait.

We now elect politicians who, like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, attack American workers with no remorse. We willingly give up our rights and freedoms so we can continue to empower global corporations.

Then we sit back and try to figure out why working-age America is the new face of poverty. Ironic, isn’t it.

Mark Walock

pipe fitter, Local 60