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Governor John Bel Edwards speaks during a press conference, Saturday, July 11, 2020, at GOHSEP in Baton Rouge, La. Edwards announced that beginning Monday at 12:01 am, bars would be closed to on-premises consumption and there would be a statewide mask mandate across Louisiana.

Gov. John Bel Edwards has issued a mask mandate to the citizens of Louisiana.

“If you don’t like the mask mandate, then don’t like it. But wear your mask anyway if you are going to be out in public.”

Not unlike a wise and loving parent who limits a child’s screen time and checks to make sure homework is completed and teeth are brushed, Edwards is doing this for our own good.

Some people in our state compare a government that requires its citizens to wear masks to the government of Germany under Hitler. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Nazis were striving to create a pure Aryan race. They persecuted Jews, killing 6 million Jewish people under Hitler's government.

They gassed the oldest first because they were of no use to the regime. During this period in history, the Nazis also persecuted, sterilized and murdered Blacks, gypsies, physically and mentally disabled children and adults and people with hereditary disabilities.

The elderly, Black and Brown people and people with underlying health issues and disabilities are most susceptible to suffering severe symptoms and death from COVID-19. We are wearing masks to protect them and others.

Our governor is trying to save people, not kill them. No, you don’t need to like wearing a mask, but you need to do it anyway. As Edwards says, “It’s the right thing to do.”



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