Jindal Cavuto

Former Gov. Bobby Jindal appears on Fox News' Your World with Neil Cavuto on Thursday, Aug. 18, 2018.

The Louisiana Republican Party is no longer a party of the core conservative Republicans. The party has allowed the “big money” elitists to take control of our party and government by handpicking their legislative candidates and members of the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.

Their numerous PAC groups spend millions on campaigns to elect puppet candidates who have sold their vote for the campaign money. Just follow the money by looking at their campaign finance reports. They hire PR people who will say or do anything in attacking other Republican incumbents who stood up to them. They direct their PR people to create a list of unwanted Republican candidates to target in the next election. Then unleash a disgusting personal campaign of lies to destroy them. These so-called Christian businessmen will spend whatever it takes to silence their critics.

As a former Republican state representative who served during the Jindal administration, I witnessed the offers for campaign funds, threats and intimidation that they used if you did not vote for their legislation. Unfortunately, they controlled the budget and the special-interest bills that their candidate Gov. Bobby Jindal pushed through the Legislature. The Jindal administration squandered billions on the tax incentives and grants to big business and in turn received large campaign contributions.

The Jindal administration spent more than we were receiving in revenue and created a false budget to cover their debt with future funds that did not exist. The Jindal administration left a $3 billion dollar balloon note of debt for the next Legislature and administration to solve. Our state is a majority-conservative electorate who want their issues addressed. We have a political swamp problem in Baton Rouge that allows big-money organizations to drive their issues and not the issues of our people. It is time to take back the Republican Party from the elitists and elect qualified candidates who are real conservative Louisiana Republicans.

Joe Harrison

business owner, former representative and former member, Republican State Central Committee


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