Many have responded to the effort of the electric utility crews in their exceptional effort in restoring power after hurricane Ida.

This is a story of the Entergy gas construction crew and service technicians who responded when a tree uprooted in the middle of the storm. The root ball ruptured the gas line to four houses.

I have a whole-house generator needed to keep oxygen and other needed equipment running for a medical care patient. The gas crew had to shut down the gas, but upon learning of the medical needs, ran a temporary above-ground gas line to allow for the continued operation of the generator.

They returned Monday to run permanent lines but had problems when the gas was reconnected. They worked tirelessly for hours, both the construction crew and service technicians, until the service was adequate to restore generator operation.

They could have left after hooking up, but they stayed with it and found ways to make it work. I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to these dedicated specialists who showed the human face that is often overlooked by the public when looking at a major business operation.


retired engineer

Baton Rouge