A leader recognizes a problem, does not deny it, run from it or bury his or her head in the sand. A leader speaks for himself or herself, especially when times get tough. A leader is not vain or arrogant. A leader is never too proud or stubborn to admit that he or she made a mistake.

A leader owns that mistake and takes action to correct it. A leader gives credit where credit is due and never points fingers and blame at others for his or her problems or mistakes. A leader is never afraid to adapt and change. A leader does not over-generalize or trivialize the challenges of others ... especially those whose shoes he has not walked in.

A leader treats everyone with respect ... galvanizes people, unifies teams and collaborates to make his or her world a better place. A leader helps his friends and neighbors overcome challenges, asking nothing in return ... and doesn’t recognize race, color or status. A leader rolls up his or her sleeves and leads by example.

A leader is never arrogant, does not put on airs or pretend to be something he or she is not. Like those who have battled on the “front lines“ since early March or throughout our great country’s history, Drew Brees is a hero and a leader in every sense of the word.


health care advocate

New Orleans