This idea emanates from children drowning because they could not swim. I had the bad experience of finding the body of a drowned 9-year-old boy a few minutes too late. I recall six high school students tied together with a rope that lost their lives in North Louisiana. Additionally, there was a recent article regarding New Orleans first-responders not knowing how to swim.

The idea: Perhaps jointly with BREC, (BREC closed many Baton Rouge pools), the school board could construct a narrow plastic pool on a flatbed trailer with a fence around it for security.

Transport the empty pool to the schools and offer basic swimming lessons only to students that do not know how to swim. In a week or two they could qualify as a swimmer. While this would take a few hours away from volleyball etc., it would be a great swap.

The facility could then be drained and relocated to another school.

Gene Duke

retired Exxon employee

Baton Rouge