I write to express my concern and hope for the passage of a bill heading to the Senate: For the People Act, or House Resolution 1. I urge Louisiana U.S. Sens. Bill Cassidy and John N. Kennedy to make HR 1 their top priority.

The For the People Act is commonsense legislation that would strengthen our democracy by protecting the right to vote, removing the influence of big money in politics and cleaning up corruption in Washington. This is vital.

At a time when our country is more divided than ever, we need this type of foundational change to break the gridlock, make progress and save lives.

HR 1 would address many of the challenges voters experienced in the 2020 election by ensuring everyone can cast their ballot safely, conveniently and securely in the future. It would eliminate unnecessary barriers to voter registration and boost participation, while setting standardized guidelines for absentee voting, requiring each state to have adequate periods of safe early voting, ensuring no voter faces discrimination, modernizing the voter registration process and providing states the funding and equipment they need to administer and protect our elections.

In addition, HR 1 would end the dominance of big money and put a stop to the pay-for-play politics by shining a light on dark money, empowering small donors, strengthening campaign finance oversight, fortifying ethics laws and closing loopholes for lobbyists and foreign agents.

Afraid of special interests and losing his campaign donors, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blocked action on HR 1 and hundreds of bills Democrats and Republicans supported.

Special interests have controlled Washington for far too long and it is time we sever the cord by passing and signing HR 1 into law so that everyone’s voice can be heard.


patient care associate

Baton Rouge

Our Views: Consider huge changes in election law in the spirit of participation, not restriction