It seems to me that the LSU baseball team had a very good season, in large part due to their experience in Omaha. This team twice beat a team that had been No. 1 in the country all year. Yes, they then lost to Florida twice, but look on the bright side. LSU came into the tournament ranked No. 4 in the country, and left being ranked No. 2. That is a 50 percent increase in rankings, which no other team can claim. The old sayings about these games is that “you win some and you lose some, and some are called for rain.” That the baseball gods chose to allow Florida to win its first-ever national title and LSU not to win its seventh, while disappointing to the current members of the LSU squad, really reached the correct outcome this year given the caliber of play of the final two games. There is always next year! Go Tigers.

Stanford Bardwell, Jr.


Baton Rouge