It is time to open-mindedly acknowledge that those of us who favor stricter environmental protections also have as a priority that which is best for business and for our nation. Only by nurturing and protecting our limited natural resources, and by using them in a sustainable fashion, can we guarantee to our children a continuation of the bounties that our own generation has been privileged to enjoy.

This should not be a debate that divides along politically created ideological lines; rather, we need to recognize the basic biological facts that bind our very existence to that of our food sources. These days our food sources already are threatened, and without a concerted effort to protect them, our survival is threatened as well. This is such an outrageously frightening thought, most people choose to disbelieve it. However, those who spend their lives studying environmental issues know enough details to find it hard to fool themselves. We are the people who sometimes seem extreme in our environmentalism.

Do not dismiss us; listen, share and work with us. There is plenty of room for economic growth that is good for the environment. Many businesses already have profited hugely by pursuing sustainable models and even cradle-to-grave technologies. Be a force for a good future.

Carolyn Deyo


Baton Rouge