I’ve read many letters complaining about the public servants in East Baton Rouge Parish. I’ve had just the opposite experiences in my dealings with them. My family recently suffered a tragedy, and we were left to deal with numerous issues, most involving the legal system . All the people we dealt with were extremely professional, courteous and went out of their way to help.

I can’t list them all, and I’m sure there were many more working behind the scenes to facilitate the resolutions that were necessary and that made our path smoother. The front desk clerks at the EBR Clerk of Court office were great, providing us with accurate, timely information. The legal personnel who work in the EBR Juvenile Court of Judge Kathleen Richey were wonderful. Ms. Rose, who works in the Duty Court office, was also extremely helpful. And last but not least, the woman who manned Station 12 at the Office of Motor Vehicles on Independence Boulevard, on the afternoon of June 11, 2014, was also a great help. My personal thanks and those of my family go out to all.

Robert R. Bloodworth

U.S. Navy, retired

Baton Rouge