After watching the 49ers disintegrate for the first two quarters of the Super Bowl, all I have to say is “thank the Voodoo Gods for hitting the reset switch.” This game was so one sided I was considering joining my wife, who had already retired to the bedroom after the Jacoby Jones second-half touchdown return.

The NFL and CBS had a “super blowout” on their hands, and without the blackout most viewers would have given it up. It may have become the least watched Super Bowl in history. Enter the Big Easy’s magic fueled with energy from a Beyonce power surge performance.

Colin Kaepernick’s aurora begins to glow with a strange new energy source, and the CBS viewer ratings start to spike upward.

If NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall or CBS had their thumb on the “reset switch” they would have hit the button, too. Now what other city could magically transform an otherwise superbust — only in New Orleans!

Rick Jameson


New Orleans