I just received a bill for $6,045 for my mother's care in a nursing home for dementia, cancer and frequent falls. What I cannot understand is that so many people eschew socialized medicine.

My cousins in the United Kingdom get free end of life care. Yes , they pay more taxes, but not near the $6,000 a month! I have agonized over assisted living for my mom (all out of pocket) and nursing home. Medicaid doesn't kick in for assisted living. So many of us are faced with taking care of our parents and ourselves in our old age. Spending down to a pittance is not what any of us want. Nor do we want to contemplate euthanasia so we won't be a burden.

We need to embrace some enlightened advice from progressives who recognize that our time on earth is limited. So, why can't we pay forward for our demise; pay higher taxes for socialized and secure end-of-life care so we can leave our savings to our children?

Eileen Breslin