If Louisiana is last in many categories, it might have taken pride that so many citizens attempted to recycle hazardous materials this past Saturday at Memorial Stadium in Baton Rouge. However, their efforts were rewarded by an inexplicably obtuse method of collection with no signage or direction as hundreds sat in their running cars for more than 90 minutes before a few were able to drop off materials.

At the 90-minute mark, others simply gave up and begged police for a way to leave the insipid rodent maze.

Shame on East Baton Rouge Parish government for poor planning of this very infrequent event. If EBR is serious about its commitment to proper disposal of hazardous materials, it should assign its employees to man at least two recycling centers that are open regular business hours and offer a regular Saturday schedule throughout the year and properly publicize the same.

Clearly, priorities are incorrect, leadership is lacking, and planners are "way in over their heads."



Baton Rouge