I always enjoy reading James Gill’s articles. They are usually on target, and the one in the Sept. 28 paper about Gov. Bobby Jindal’s appointment of Bruce Greenstein got my thoughts aroused on Jindal’s dreams of becoming vice president or president. When you have a close appointee indicted, in the least of cases it creates doubt about your judgment.

I voted for Jindal, but after seeing him sell off Louisiana’s assets and drain the rainy day fund to pay daily expenses when he inherited a surplus from the previous administration and with oil selling for over $90 a barrel, I do not want to see Jindal in a higher office. He cannot handle the one he has.

Jindal loves to criticize former President Jimmy Carter’s presidency. My guess is that his chances of higher office are less after this incident with his Health Department secretary, Greenstein, having been indicted for perjury as reported by Gill. If Jindal is not involved in some way, then it has to be bad judgment just for appointing Greenstein in the first place.

I would love to debate Jindal on Carter’s presidency. I would start with that FEMA was started in the Carter administration. Then because of deregulation of motor freight and airlines, my groceries and tickets are less. Then changing to a system of 10, that was rescinded. His Middle Eastern policy was a failure, and may I ask who has succeeded? It is hard to work with lunatics.

Jindal should come back to Louisiana and do what has to be done to get the state of Louisiana’s finances in order; after all, that is what he was elected to do, and while he is here, do something, anything, that is good for the state of Louisiana and make the people in this state proud of him and his effort before he runs for higher office or is critical in any way of others.

Hollis Eddins