I am retiring next month after 43 years in pre K-12 education. I have worked in both private and public education, and have served at every level from teacher/coach to district superintendent. The statements that follow represent my thoughts only.

If graded for his effort and performance, Gov. Bobby Jindal has earned a grade of F. By reversing his position on Common Core State Standards, and now calling for their removal from Louisiana, he is playing to the Tea Party (not traditional Republicans), and in my opinion is attempting to sacrifice the future of Louisiana’s children for his own national political gain. In addition, in the last two years he has passed some much needed legislation for education, but did so in an effort to demonize public school teachers (in favor of charter school teachers) when, in fact, most public school teachers would have agreed with much of what he did. God help those who disagreed. Shame on him.

I don’t always agree with Superintendent John White, primarily because of his attempts to constantly spin data in favor of the New Orleans Recovery School District, but I totally agree with him on Common Core State Standards being a good thing for all of us. They hold our children and our educational community in total to higher expectations, with a clear focus on what business and industry says they are starving for in employees at all levels. He is “right on” with that. I really don’t care which assessment is used in Louisiana, as long as we can accurately measure and compare how we are doing against students in other states and countries. PARCC, Smarter Balance, the ACT version of assessing CCSS, whatever.

Lets just call it like it is. We now have a Governor who makes some decisions based on his best national political posture, or even worse, he really now believes that a set of standards holding our children and educators to what is needed for children to be successful in the future is not good. Either way, and for his efforts to demonize the public school community in Louisiana as a whole, Jindal has earned his F. Plain and simple. Even though he has earned his failing grade, I’m thrilled that he won’t be retained.

David Corona

superintendent, West Baton Rouge Parish Schools

Baton Rouge