The Cal Thomas column, "More hysteria over climate pact," needs an appropriate response regarding the misinformation he presented.

“Global cooling” was brought up in the 1970s; it was far from a consensus as Thomas claims. Indeed, in major journals, there were seven papers, while there were 44 in disagreement.

And those seven reports were concerned about the cooling effect of aerosols. Scientists realized shortly after those reports, that those tiny particles were in high concentration primarily around large cities, and their cooling effect not as great as estimated. But methane, ozone and man-made gases like chlorofluorocarbons had the same heat-trapping effect as CO2, and warming of the Earth the real concern.

While this cooling discussion was popular in the media 45 years ago, “this myth is only used as a smokescreen on the real issue of climate change” to quote Science News in October 2008.

Even Rush Limbaugh blabs daily about the “hoax” of climate change. He laughs and asks the question, "How can you have drought and flooding rain?"

Well Rush, drought is caused by the higher temperature that sucks the moisture out of the ground. And when you do have rain, you have more moisture in the atmosphere from higher ocean temperature and evaporation. Baton Rouge can well agree on this from the 2016 flood that impacted homes from Lafayette to Hammond. The man on the Red Cross truck who delivered meals said his home had flooded. I asked where, and he said "Ogden, Utah."

I suggest if Thomas wants to write on the subject, he use more current sources than those 45 years old. Like this July/August Discover Magazine that puts CO2 at “410 ppm and increasing roughly 3 ppm every year, a record rate.” Or the current National Geographic: “Ice is melting fast," “wildlife is already hurting,” and “the world is warming, and it’s because of us.”

Even one gallon of gasoline that weighs 6 pounds may produce 20 pounds of CO2 when combusted, combining with the free oxygen in the atmosphere.

From changing Ph of our oceans from CO2 absorption affecting sea life, to less reflective ice so more heat absorption, to warmer more energetic weather patterns, you need to get more current.

President Donald Trump mentions the cost of making an effort. But what is the cost of not doing so. Mr. Trump, how much is the Earth worth?

Terry Grundmann

sales engineer