It isn’t surprising that since implementing “no-kill” policies, the East Baton Rouge Parish Animal Shelter is reportedly so overcrowded that up to eight animals have been crammed into one cage together and animals are being stuffed into every available space, including bathrooms.

This same inhumane scenario has played out over and over again at other shelters that implement dangerous and misguided policies to avoid euthanasia at all costs

Because there are so many more homeless animals than good homes waiting for them, the only way most shelters can avoid euthanasia is by caging animals for months on end, often warehousing them in stacked crates (which is cruelty, plain and simple), handing truckloads of animals over to hoarders posing as “rescuers,” or by turning away animals when there is no more room.

Many of these rejected animals die terrible deaths at the hands of people who are desperate to get rid of them, or they are tossed out to die on the streets from starvation or being hit by cars.

The lucky ones end up in shelters that accept every animal, even when the best they can offer some is a painless and dignified death in the arms of caring workers.

“No-kill” policies aren’t the solution to the animal homelessness crisis.

Only by preventing more animals from being born through spaying and neutering will we reach the day when every animal has a loving home. To learn more, visit and

Jennifer Brown

animal sheltering adviser

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Norfolk, Va.