How to create a budget surplus in Louisiana:

Public "servants" should not be paid more than the average taxpayer, their supposed "masters." Reduce the salaries of all public servants to the income of the average Louisianan, $38,440. The president of LSU is presently paid $600,000 for digesting his breakfast in the morning and his lunch in the afternoon. We could save over half a million each year by reducing his salary, and if he was abducted by aliens, we'd never miss him.

Combine the four university systems in Louisiana under one system and save enough to balance the budget by eliminating administrative redundancy. Donald Trump met recently with the heads of "black universities," over 65 years after court-ordered integration. There shouldn't be any such thing as a black university in the United States. It is an insult to blacks and whites. If Trump had met with the heads of "white universities," the media would have torn him to pieces.

Revolutionize education and reduce the cost by abolishing schools and busing. Replace the schools with computers in the children's homes and tutors who teach them to teach themselves online. If children work at all in the future, it will be on a computer in a decentralized business environment. Maybe then, children will learn to think instead of just memorizing facts and regurgitating them on multiple-guess tests and mistaking it for education.

No one has the political will to do these things in Louisiana. They will instead raise taxes, which only the middle class will pay, and from which only our "public masters" will profit.

Thomas Jefferson was right; we need a revolution every 20 years. Burn baby, burn.

Arden Wells

retired lawyer