As chairman of the Board of Trustees, I want all to know that LCMC Health, a respected nonprofit health system, has done a remarkable job in its partnership with the state to lease and manage the $1.2 billion academic medical center, UMC New Orleans, home of the Reverend Avery C. Alexander Academic Research Hospital.

The board welcomed the opportunity to partner with the state, knowing that with its commitment and experience, LCMC Health could transform UMC into a regional and possibly national destination for health care. In less than a year, the partnership has proven a huge success by every measure — through better patient care, lower costs for the state and more meaningful graduate medical education opportunities.

Given these successes and opportunities, it’s unimaginable that state funding for UMC is in jeopardy. We more than held up our end of the partnership, but we totally rely on state funding to continue this forward momentum. This special session, we strongly urge legislators to support revenue raising measures to avoid the catastrophic budget cuts to UMC that would be devastating for patients, medical school residents, employees and the community. It is the Legislature’s responsibility to ensure that this $1.2 billion investment is protected and prioritized.

Bill Mimeles

chairman, LCMC Health Board of Trustees

New Orleans