The Advocate writes that Baton Rouge's city-parish government is buying 80 new police units for $2 million and that it will "build morale." But what The Advocate story didn't say was that for many years, every law enforcement officer who carries a gun rumbles his unit over a 1950s gravel road for ¾-mile to get to the Irene Road Joint BRPD/EBR Sheriff's Office Firing Range.

While we're buying 80 brand new police units ($2 million), we could spend $300,000 and stop tearing up every law enforcement vehicle in the parish that travels on the Firing Range Road when officers go to qualify their weapons.

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The bumpy, dusty, muddy road takes a toll on every police unit, brand new or used. Drive the Firing Range Road one time, and you need a wash job, which takes the unit off the road. 

Hello, taxpayers. Are you getting this? We begged former Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden and his CAO,William Daniel, to asphalt this road and came up empty.

Now, the paper says the new administration has $3.5 million dollars (extra money from sales tax collections) to spend.

Wouldn't it be wise to stop tearing up units before buying new ones?

Sure would help my morale. 

Jim Talbot


Baton Rouge