Healthcare options are available for individuals and families. These include Medicare, Medicaid and plans on the marketplace. 

I will be happy when Dec. 7 rolls around and Medicare open season is over!

I’m getting really tired of listening to Joe Namath, dynamite Jimmy Walker, Angela Hill and all the rest advertising Medicare Advantage programs.

The main thing they do is not bother to tell the hundred million folks on Medicare is that all of these plans are HMOs. These plans should all be required to tell you that. You will probably be limited in choosing doctors/providers.

You will use their doctor and hospital on their list, not necessarily your doctor. These plans should all be banned from using advertising material that looks like official government documents. We’re dealing with 100 million people that are trusting and more easily fooled by trick advertising.

I know what an HMO is; I had to deal with them before. These plans may be fine for some people but not others.

Once a year you can change your plan if you don’t like it at the end of the year but once you pick one you’re stuck with it for a year. They need to explain that in the first paragraph.

Congress and Medicare let this thing get out of hand. There must be lots of money involved or you wouldn’t be seeing these 24/7 TV commercials, mailouts and robocalls.

I am well satisfied with traditional Medicare and retired military TRICARE for life or until they screw these up. Remember what Ronald Reagan said: Trust but verify.


retired Army, retired state DOTD

Baton Rouge

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