We live in an age of miracles, as evidenced by the news that the NFL has cast its eyes at a New Orleans Saints player and, breaking precedent, made the right call.

Linebacker Demario Davis was slapped with a fine for thousands of dollars after wearing a headband during a game proclaiming his religious faith. League officials dinged Davis for a uniform violation for the headband, labeled “Man of God.”

Though typically tone-deaf to public relations disasters, the NFL has now opted not to fine Davis, the player told fans after getting the news from his agent.

Though a P.R. poop-storm for the league, the controversy was a media plus for Davis, who inspired faculty and students at St. Louis King of France Catholic School in Metairie to craft “Child of God” headbands from construction paper, a viral sensation. Davis also raised $30,000 for charity by selling copies of his headband to fans.

No word yet on how the Man Upstairs is viewing the ruckus.

But the Saints, with star quarterback Drew Brees temporarily sidelined, continue to defy expectations by racking up victories.

Fans can decide for themselves if a heavenly hand is involved.

But in Who Dat Nation, we’ve learned not only to believe in divine providence but to rely on it.