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Four amendments to the Louisiana Constitution proposed by large majorities in the Legislature are up decision by voters statewide. We urge their approval.

Amendment 1. Sales tax collections. This would start a political process to bring Louisiana’s antique and inefficient sales tax system into line with just about every other state. It will be good for small businesses.

Amendment 2. Tax reforms. We say that in the plural, because this complex amendment would make many changes in the tax code, mainly sought by businesses. While controversial, we think on balance the changes constitute a helpful reform to taxes, including personal income taxes.

Amendment 3. Levee boards. The amendment fixes a quirk in current law affecting the tax capacity of a few levee boards. This is one of the small matters that are too often inflicted on voters because our lawmakers legislate through constitutional amendments.

Amendment 4. Dedicated funds. The amendment increases to 10%, instead of the usual 5%, the amount that can be cut from dedicated accounts in a budget deficit crisis. This would make the response to budget shortfalls more effective.

Our Views: Vote for constitutional amendments on the Nov. 13 ballot