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Republican Kyle Ardoin, of Baton Rouge, announces Saturday night, Dec. 8, 2018, that he has won the race for secretary of state.

We congratulate Kyle Ardoin on his election Saturday to be Louisiana’s secretary of state. Ardoin’s first job must be to repair the stature of the office. He has his work cut out for him.

Ardoin was appointed interim secretary of state after his predecessor, Tom Schedler, resigned amid allegations that he had sexually harassed an employee. Ardoin promised not to be a candidate to fill the rest of Schedler’s term, then filed as a candidate at the last minute. That seemed to damage the credibility of the Secretary of State’s office even more.

Kyle Ardoin wins Louisiana Secretary of State race, defeats Gwen Collins-Greenup

Ardoin weathered other controversies, including a dispute over how he handled the bidding process for new voting machines. Even so, Ardoin, a Baton Rouge Republican, handily won election Saturday against Democratic challenger Gwen Collins-Greenup of Clinton.

The secretary of state has a number of responsibilities, but his most important job is overseeing Louisiana’s elections system. With heightened concerns across the country about the integrity of the election process, Ardoin’s role is even more important.

Previous secretaries of state have been low-key and largely nonpartisan, which has helped build the office’s reputation as an honest broker. We hope that Ardoin can extend that tradition, although another election for a full term for secretary of state post will be on next fall’s ballot.

We wish Ardoin well.