Area residents wait in a staging area for food and water Sept. 6 in Baker a week after Hurricane Ida hit the Louisiana coastline. Now, the people of Baker are trying to help hurricane-ravaged Dulac.

In the small city of Baker, just north of Baton Rouge, there’s a big truck waiting.

It is going to be filled with the things that the people of another small place, Dulac, desperately need. That includes nonperishable foods and all the things that people need when their lives have been turned upside down: clothes, sleeping bags, jackets and blankets, toiletries of all kinds.

And if people want to donate money, the Baker Rotary Club is taking in financial donations for Hurricane Ida relief.

It is one small instance of the caring for neighbors that has been part of our terrible experience with hurricanes, both this year and last. In 2020, two storms devastated the Lake Charles region and only recently has the U.S. Congress put money on the bureaucratic tables for reconstruction.

We commend all those who are helping our neighbors not only in the bayou regions down south but also Tangipahoa and other parishes hard hit by the wind and water of Ida.

As the effort in Baker shows, relief is still needed. Good neighbors are valuable anytime but maybe most so at Thanksgiving.

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