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The parking lot at the Gonzales Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is turned into a supply lot Saturday as volunteers from several states who are in town to help Hurricane Ida survivors with removing trees, mucking out homes and helping with debris removal.

After all that Louisiana has been through with hurricanes and flooding over the past year, the last thing we’d call our next tropical storm is St. Nicholas.

Forming in the Gulf of Mexico on Sunday, the storm is forecast to approach the Texas coastline on Tuesday. That’s not just bad news for our neighbors in the Lone Star State: Southwestern Louisiana parishes face heavy rainfalls, the last thing that storm-hit region needs.

The greater Lake Charles area is still recovering from hurricanes Laura and Delta of last year, as well as sundry flooding and winter storm events.

As Gov. John Bel Edwards pointed out, the risks of rainfall from Nicholas are not limited to that region. The governor said it is likely that “all of south Louisiana will see heavy rain this week, including areas recently affected by Hurricane Ida.”

With more than 100,000 homes and businesses without power in the southeastern parishes, recovery from Ida’s Category 4 ravages is still very tenuous.

We are still in the heart of hurricane season even if we’re already tired of storms. We hope that people will heed the warnings of the governor and other officials to prepare for heavy rains, just in case.