Our Views: Baquet does La. proud _lowres

New York Times, managing editor Dean Baquet

For a small state, Louisiana produces its share of lions in fields ranging from entertainment to athletics to politics.

We should celebrate the moment every time one of our own reaches the pinnacle in his or her field.

So we can all take pride in the announcement that Louisiana’s Dean Baquet has taken command as the new editor of The New York Times.

Baquet was born and raised in New Orleans and comes from one of the city’s most prominent restaurant families. He had never left Louisiana when he headed north to attend Columbia University.

He returned to work as a reporter for The Times-Picayune but left for good in 1984, winning a Pulitzer Prize with The Chicago Tribune, editing The Los Angeles Times and serving as managing editor at The New York Times.

Today, newspapers are more vital to our democracy than ever, even though Americans have more access to more information more quickly than many of us could have imagined.

The New York Times is the leader in our industry. and it’s gratifying to see a Louisianian at the helm.