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LSU defensive coordinator Bo Pelini shouts instructions to his players in their game with Tennessee during second half action in the SEC Championship football game at the Georgia Dome Saturday Dec. 1, 2007, in Atlanta, GA. LSU won 21-14.

The hiring of Dave Aranda as head coach at Baylor University was one of the prices of the LSU Tigers’ dramatic successes in recent years. The defensive coordinator played a key role in the extraordinary 2019 undefeated season leading up to a national championship. Less noticed was his title of associate head coach, and every one of those wants to be a head coach one day.

When you’re successful, your top coaches are sought-after commodities.

Just ask Bo Pelini. The defensive coordinator for the Tigers in 2005-07 saw the Louisiana team win the national championship, so he was able to move on up to head coach at Nebraska.

We are confident that his savvy and experience will be of help to Coach Ed Orgeron as he seeks to fill the gaps in his roster, coaches and players. The departing Aranda and Joe Brady were among the bright young stars in college coaching, but we’ve done pretty well, also, with veterans like Coach O and offensive coordinator Steve Ensminger.

Go Tigers, and we're happy to have Pelini back in Louisiana.