President Joe Biden speaks at the National Response Coordination Center at FEMA headquarters on Sunday during Hurricane Ida's landfall.

“We’re all in this together.”

Those words from President Joe Biden ought to give us some cheer in Louisiana as we battle the ravages of Ida.

Our state desperately needs national support, as is obvious to anyone, from Biden on down, who has seen what is happening here. But there is always going to be some resistance to spending large sums of money. And there is the inherent difficulty of getting legislation through our dysfunctional national legislature.

Just ask anybody in Lake Charles. Louisiana’s parishes ravaged from Hurricane Laura last year are still waiting for a comprehensive relief package.

We are however cheered by the president’s words, not because he can wave a magic wand for these appropriations — then-President Donald Trump couldn’t either last year. But other states than Louisiana were affected by Ida. Even giant California needs aid related to the hugely damaging wildfires there.

We are sorry that dozens of people drowned in New York and New Jersey as the remnants of Ida — a lady with a big punch — caused flash flooding. Nevertheless, we want other states to appreciate that our storm was not just a Louisiana or New Orleans problem.

It was a national catastrophe requiring a nation’s effective response.

In 2012, Superstorm Sandy struck the northeastern states. Suddenly, disaster response was not only a Louisiana problem — even as our delegation had earlier struggled to get help because of Hurricane Isaac that year. Now, Laura and Ida relief can be part of a national, not local, package of aid.

We’re all in this together? We like the sound of that.

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