Former Secretary of State Tom Schedler

Former Secretary of State Tom Schedler

We assumed that the victims in last year’s scandal involving former Louisiana Secretary of State were the woman who accused him of sexually harassing her — and the taxpayers who had to foot the bill for the resulting litigation.

Turns out the real victim is Tom Schedler — at least as the disgraced politico sees it.

The state had to fork over more than $180,000 to settle the case, with Schedler chipping in $18,245. But Schedler has since filed a suit of his own, claiming taxpayers owe him more than $14,000 in legal fees. He also wants to be reimbursed for what he kicked in as part of the accuser’s financial settlement.

Grace Notes: Ex-Secretary of State Tom Schedler once wanted his reputation restored. Now he just wants his money back.

Schedler argues he’s owed the money because the state didn’t properly defend him in the sexual harassment suit.

Agency emails obtained by The Advocate show that Schedler repeatedly propositioned one of his employees during business hours. She claimed in her lawsuit that she was punished professionally for not giving in — and stalked by the members of the agency’s security staff.

Schedler’s defense was that he had consensual sex with the plaintiff, something her lawyer denied. Even if true, that kind of behavior would have gotten Schedler fired in many workplaces.

Tom Schedler, ex-Secretary of State, seeks his money back in sexual harassment settlement

The ex-secretary of state’s contention that he wasn’t properly defended doesn’t hold up, and we hope the courts agree. His behavior on the job was indefensible.

So is his lawsuit, which insults taxpayers who have already suffered enough.