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Hunt Slonem's portrait of President Abraham Lincoln, from a 2019 exhibit at the Louisiana State Archives.

The Party of Lincoln sometimes seems to have strayed far from the ideals of the Great Emancipator, so it was refreshing to see a national organization of Republican women cut ties with a New Orleans leader and her benighted views about slavery.

Martha Huckabay says she was stripped of her leadership role at the Women’s Republican Club of New Orleans by the National Federation of Republican Women.

Among many ignorant comments posted on social media for all the world to see, Huckabay insisted slavery resulted in “hard working ethics” and “love and respect” between some enslaved people and owners.

To their credit, more mainstream Republicans are rejecting those views.

Conservative media personality Jeff Crouere disinvited Huckabay to a panel discussion and Adrian Bruneau, a political consultant and chair of the parish Republicans, said her comments defending slavery do not represent the party.

Huckabay fired back that her views represent true Republicanism.

"They identify themselves as trustworthy Republicans," Huckabay wrote. "However, just at the time you need their support, they knife you in the back. They cancel you. They cancel your righteous agenda. They neutralize your momentum."

Republican voters deserve better than to have Huckabay speak for their party, even in an insignificant role in a parish dominated by Democrats,