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"These are the darkest days of the pandemic," said Our Lady of the Lake's Dr. Catherine O'Neal, right, as Gov. John Bel Edwards, left, listens.

For once, we hope that the anti-vax, anti-mask crowd in the state House gets its way.

We hope that they do convene the heroic physicians and public health experts who have steered us through the coronavirus pandemic. It’s short notice for the meeting, before the Health and Welfare Committee today, but that’s the kind of cavalier treatment that the hysterical anti-precaution legislators have been dishing out to real experts for more than a year.

The 14 legislators in the GOP’s right wing in the House want to kickstart a formal process to end coronavirus restrictions, under an old state law that is widely understood as inappropriate to the occasion. But the law does require legislative consultation with public health experts.

We hope that happens. Physicians and other experts would be too polite to call the agitating legislators Know-Nothings to their faces.

Whenever this consultation occurs, the legislators who haven’t learned anything from the world’s battle against coronavirus won’t listen. They are out to score a political point over Gov. John Bel Edwards, a stalwart leader against the pandemic’s ravages.

But if they were to listen, we hope that they would understand what some of Louisiana’s heroes have to tell them. Just ask Dr. Joe Kanter, the state health officer, and he’ll tell you how flat dumb it is to waive mask mandates and quarantine rules in schools.

Or ask a physician like the LSU professor Dr. Catherine O’Neal, medical director at Our Lady of the Lake Hospital in Baton Rouge, who has been in the front lines against a vicious illness responsible for many deaths, because the unvaccinated have died in droves.

There’s a lot to learn. We just don’t expect it to make a dent in the legislators who haven’t learned anything to date.

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