The world champion Eastbank All Stars Little League team was surprised with sold-out Popeyes chicken sandwiches at the Governor's Mansion in 2019.

The French are known for their cuisine, but now something is coming along that will make dining even more special.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen has signed a deal to open hundreds of fried chicken restaurants in France.

Popeyes has signed a deal with Napaqaro, a leading French restaurant group, to saturate the French market with spicy and mild, biscuits and Cajun rice. The deal also envisions Popeyes outlets in Monaco.

There are more than 3,600 Popeyes around the world, and the company recently moved to enter the market in India, Mexico, Romania and Saudi Arabia.

The Louisiana-built company fast food chain recently opened its first restaurant in London, and Brits stood in line for hours just to enjoy something Louisiana diners have been feasting on for years.

That was hardly a surprise because the United Kingdom is not known for its cuisine.

But France is, so bring on the competition.

France has always been a special ally for Louisiana, and we’re glad to share with them everything that’s special about living here. And Popeyes is special.