Carnival 2021 is still months away, but if you really know our annual set of balls, parades, parties and uninhibited fun you know those few weeks take months of preparation. That’s why we’re happy to see krewes, clubs and other organizations moving forward to put everything in place so we can enjoy our annual merriment in New Orleans — even as a pandemic rages on.

OK, so we don’t really know whether the next Carnival season will happen in 2021. We hope it will. We’re glad we have people planning to make it happen.

We should count on Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards, Jefferson Parish President Cynthia Lee Sheng and New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell among others to demand the best novel coronavirus data, consult with the smartest public health officials and scientists and give us the unvarnished truth. They are responsible for guiding us, protecting us and telling us what we need to know. A New Orleans City Hall representative said “it’s too soon” to discuss definite 2021 Carnival season plans, so canceling the season is on the table. Lee Sheng said she hopes Jefferson and Orleans will “move together as a region.”

That's as true for Mardi Gras festivities around Louisiana, but it's a particularly important issue in the Crescent City.

Meanwhile, we need others who can see the half-full cup and plan to fill it up.

So, we’re cheering on the party planners. Float position sign-ups are slow for some krewes and on track for others.

In New Orleans, Muses is making some smart moves as the krewe plans for the best. They plan to order throws soon, without dates. Smart. “We are cautious Muses,” said Muses Captain Staci Rosenberg.

The Knights of Babylon are planning as if everything’s a go, assuming the green light, but we are also being very cautious in planning. The same is happening with the Krewe of Zulu, according to spokesman Clarence Becknell, who noted that the group is following the lead of the mayor.

We know how to have a good time. We know how to throw a party. We know good food, good music, good dancing and good times. We know our best party of the year takes year-round planning.

Yes, it is too soon to say we’ll have Carnival and Mardi Gras. Even if we have the promised COVID tests for anyone who wants one and even if we have a vaccine, the season as normal isn’t likely. But can we dream of a Mardi Gras available for family, friends and strangers to visit and have a good time with pandemic precautions?

Thank goodness we have some hardy souls who can see good times ahead.