We congratulate Gov. Bobby Jindal on being elected for a second term.

Without any major candidate to oppose him in his bid for re-election, Jindal easily won re-election Saturday. Given the lack of opposition, Jindal’s victory Saturday seemed inevitable.

Even so, Saturday’s election was an important one for Jindal — and for the state the governor has been re-elected to lead. The results affirmed what opinion polls consistently have demonstrated: Jindal is a formidable political figure whose influence in shaping the destiny of Louisiana seems stronger than ever.

Jindal was elected to his first term as governor in 2007 with 54 percent of the vote. His continuing appeal, even after facing tough state budget times, a major hurricane and a massive oil leak off Louisiana’s coast during his first term, is a testament to Jindal’s skills as a political leader.

Those skills consistently have attracted attention far beyond Louisiana. Jindal is an important leader in national Republican politics.

He frequently has been mentioned as a potential Cabinet member in a future GOP presidential administration — or as a potential vice president or president.

But the people of Louisiana have elected Jindal to a second term as governor, and we believe Jindal will have more than enough to do in leading Louisiana during the next four years.

There is, after all, so much left to do in lifting Louisiana to its full potential. Jindal is still a young man, and he can complete his second term as governor and look forward to other jobs beyond the Governor’s Mansion. We hope the governor will devote his considerable energy and talents to the job voters overwhelmingly have elected him to do — the task of leading Louisiana.

If he is successful in advancing Louisiana’s progress, that success can only help advance any future political aspirations the governor might have.

We admire the governor’s youthful energy and enthusiasm. We know those qualities will continue to be an asset for Jindal in the future.

During his first term as governor, Jindal’s fellow Republicans expanded their influence in the Legislature and in the other top elected posts in state government.

But Jindal has been elected to a second term as governor of all the people of Louisiana, regardless of party, race or economic background. We hope all Louisiana residents will join with us in wishing Jindal well in his second term. And we hope Jindal will keep in mind the interests of the whole state as he begins what promises to be an eventful second term.