Jeff Landry 080619

Attorney General Jeff Landry with his wife at candidate qualifying Tuesday, Aug. 6, 2019.

Leave our cellphones alone.

We know it’s campaign season, and we know what that means. Well-funded politicians seeking election, or reelection, will spend a lot of money to reach us. We’re the focus of campaign ideas, discussions, debates and, yes, targeting. Campaign messages are on the radio and television, on static and digital billboards. Campaign signs are along interstates, state highways and major streets. In lots of neighborhoods, we can’t walk out of our front doors without seeing campaign signs in yards. Campaign messages also fill social media platforms.

But cellphone texts? Really?

Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry wants to keep his job, so he’s doing what smart campaigners do: sharing his own messages while defending attacks from others. His campaign hired someone to send thousands of text messages to prospective voters, but they didn’t stop. They just keep coming, even late into the night and early morning. Even Landry’s wife got hit on her phone. He says it was an accident.

Campaign messages are supposed to offer reasons to vote for a candidate.

But cellphone texts? Really?

We wouldn’t be surprised if voters sent some politicians a message of their own by voting for someone else.