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Live Oak High advanced science teacher Eric Fasbender speaks at a press conference Tuesday, Sept. 22, 2020 at the Livingston Parish School Board Office in Livingston, addressing a teacher sickout for public schools planned for Wednesday. Behind him, from left, are Live Oak High School principal Beth Jones, 7th Ward Elementary principal Laura Dunlap and Denham Springs Junior High ELA teacher Melissa Belgard.

Does anyone not share concerns about a return to schoolrooms during the coronavirus pandemic? 

We don’t argue with teacher unions voicing the view that their members are overworked, but a ‘sickout’ day in Livingston Parish schools was the wrong protest at the wrong time.

School officials say nearly 100 teachers took part in the sickout, but the unions representing 1,100 of Livingston Parish's 1,590 public school teachers say far more participated.

Schools in Livingston Parish were open to students Wednesday, and substitute teachers and staff members stood in place of students' regular teachers if they were out.

“All the kids had a teacher for their classrooms,” said district spokeswoman Delia Taylor.

That’s good news, although were all of the substitutes as versed in the safety precautions as regular teachers, or as familiar to the children? This protest came at the wrong time for that reason.

And young people, even very young people, are watching us all the time. A sick day taken when one is not sick is a lesson plan for dishonesty.