Secretary of State Tom Schedler, facing sexual harassment allegations, speaks during a press conference, Wednesday, March 14, 2018, at his office in Baton Rouge.

It’s Christmas, so ‘tis the season for another payout from the taxpayers over sexual misconduct in Louisiana government.

The case involving former Secretary of State Tom Schedler, who resigned, was settled with a generous payout to the female state employee involved, mostly from the taxpayer. Schedler is a Republican, but this is a bipartisan affliction. Previously, a high official in Gov. John Bel Edwards’ office prompted a similar payoff.

And we really don’t know what happened: In cases like this, where the taxpayer is footing most or all of the bills for the settlements, what is the possible rationale for judges sealing the cases from public view? These can become a moneymaker for the lawyers involved, but when the coal is in the taxpayers’ stocking, they at least ought to know the facts of the cases.