The same, yet different: Close vote officially cuts ‘Robert E.’ from Lee High School _lowres

Advocate staff photo by PATRICK DENNIS --Lee High School is nearing the finish line of a $54.7 million demolition and reconstruction and is set to open in August. the school will more than double in size and will be able to hold nearly 1,200 students once done, with some room to expand in the future.

The school board needs to focus on education of the students of this city and not on stuff that has not impact on the current issues other than race baiting. I believe most of the current school board members were not alive during the Civil War, little alone understand what Gen. Robert E. Lee did for his country.

Someone had to approve the new design of the school, and at that time should have bought that issue up. School board members need to quit wasting time on race-type issues and focus on improving positive education for all of the students in the East Baton Rouge system.

Rick Kyle

project designer

Baton Rouge