Supreme Court Chief Justice Pascal F. Calogero Jr.

In legal circles, the intelligence and hard work of Pascal Calogero Jr. is being remembered and praised after his death Thursday at 87. He retired in 2008 as the longest-serving justice on the Louisiana Supreme Court, including 18 years as chief justice.

Unlike with the federal courts, Calogero was elected to his position and re-elected. The people knew they had a good thing going and kept him.

We particularly like that, in a period of growing efforts to keep government operations in the dark, Calogero was a friend of public records and open meetings laws. He did not coin the phrase “sunshine is the best disinfectant,” but he knew the Brandeis saying and applied it during his terms on the bench.

His leadership also showed in better ethics training for lawyers, and he brought the court back to its home in the French Quarter.

In addition to his work, he won over seemingly everyone he dealt with because of a gentlemanly manner. He will be greatly missed.