Lt. Gov. Billy Nungesser holds up Clyde the Crawfish during the 3rd Annual Pardoning of the Crawfish ceremony Tuesday, March 12, 2019, at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in Lafayette, La. The crawfish, who was named Clyde after former UL President Rougeou, will be allowed to live out his life at a state park. The pardoning ceremony, held each year on the Tuesday after Mardi Gras, is hosted by Louisiana Seafood Promotion & Marketing Board and celebrates crawfish season in Louisiana.

As lieutenant governor, Billy Nungesser is Louisiana’s roving ambassador, a job that obligates him to represent the state well.

But double-dipping on the taxpayer dime isn’t a good look — either for Nungesser, or the state that he’s supposed to be promoting.

A recent investigation by WWL-TV revealed that Nungesser has gotten an extra $8,400 in his annual public salary as a personal vehicle allowance even though a State Police unit has apparently been driving him pretty much wherever he goes.

Report: Lt. Gov. Nungesser blurs lines between official business, re-election campaigning

In a review of public records, WWL also found instances when his staff might have been paid with public resources while they worked at campaign events for his reelection.

Nungesser was inconsistent in explaining  discrepancies and evasive about his schedule, which would help clarify where he’s been, how he got there, and who paid for it.

As the official leader of Louisiana’s tourism efforts, Nungesser’s been touting “Feed Your Soul” as the state’s marketing slogan.

“Feed your bank account” might be a more apt description of his workplace practices, and taxpayers deserve better.