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Beth Courtney of Louisiana Public Broadcasting

For 35 years, Beth Courtney has been the leadership voice of public broadcasting in Louisiana but also in the nation.

The longtime head of Louisiana Public Broadcasting has also been an active leader in national organizations relating to education and on television, and of course in recent years, on social media and other formats.

She received the Robert B. Hamm Award this year, for distinguished public service, from the Council for a Better Louisiana. As one of the first women to achieve national leadership in broadcasting, this award is well-deserved.

LPB and CABL have been collaborators for a long time, working to provide public forums on significant state issues and debates during statewide election campaigns. We need more of this work, not less. That may be more true than ever, as personalities can overwhelm the long-term impact of issues and impede the collective resolution that is needed to address our society's problems.

Congratulations to Beth Courtney and thanks for the work of the LPB she has built.