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We need more beer and aluminum to house it.

As he’ll be the first to tell you, Joe Biden is not a brie-and-white wine kind of guy. He drinks beer.

So we wish he would act with a bit of enlightened self-interest, now that he’s the working-man president, to make beer cheaper for those of us who don’t live at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Unfortunately, while he’s been busy upending a great many policies of his predecessor, Biden hasn’t taken much time to deal with trade.

As in world trade, as in tariffs.

And that brings us to beer.

It is in large part brought to the actual working folk of this country in aluminum cans. And amid a general rise in commodity prices, part of the serious disruptions in commerce arising from the global pandemic, aluminum prices are soaring to new highs, reported The Wall Street Journal.

Such important sources of cheer (not only in this country, but abroad) as Heineken have reported that rising aluminum prices might have a “material effect” on its business, the Journal reported.

While often supporting specific policies of President Donald Trump that we thought were good for Louisiana, we always were critical of his tariffs. Sold by Trump, the champion brander, as punishment for foreigners, those are really hidden taxes that are passed on to American consumers.

Tariffs are bad for Louisiana because we are an exporting state, handling everything from the Midwest’s grain to our own soybeans and cattle to elite petrochemical products. Tariffs impede trade, and we want more commerce for world prosperity.

And despite the crying need for more beer, aluminum tariffs remain. Even in the working man's presidency, tariff policy remains hostile to beer.

We’re crying in it in Louisiana.

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