The Voodoo Music + Arts Experience has become an annual festival tradition in New Orleans since it started 21 years ago. Thousands show up from far and near to enjoy part, or all, of the three-day event at City Park. It’s come a long way since the days it was held inside Tad Ghormley Stadium.

The rains and stormy weather delayed but didn’t stop the music, food, arts and fun this year. Ghosts, goblins, witches, fairies and even someone dressed as an Alabama fan came out for a good time.

Some stayed on the sidewalks and paths as others made their way to the entrances across soggy, grassy areas. There was no avoiding the mud in some places, even with pine straw packed down to lessen the likelihood of wet feet. As happens outside of events like this, there were hawkers of all kinds, including some selling ice-cold beer and water, some buying and selling wristbands and others seeking or selling marijuana. One priced his offerings at $20 per gram. Is that a good price?

This year’s festival had a lot to offer music fans and those out for a good Halloween-themed fun time. Proving once again that rain and storms don’t stop New Orleanians from having a good time, many went out and stayed, often into the night.

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