Jefferson Parish President Mike Yenni thinks he can put his sexting scandal behind him with a vague, one-minute TV commercial.

Yenni admits in the commercial that he "chose to send improper texts to a young man,” but goes on to say he “won't go into details out of respect for the rights and privacy of all parties.”

The people of Jefferson Parish deserve better than a superficial accounting and a feigned concern for privacy.

Here are some of the questions Yenni needs to answer:

Did he suggest having group sex with a 17-year-old high school student?

Did Yenni offer the young man a government job so he could “be with him and not be questioned,” as the young man claims?


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After making the video, Yenni deployed with the U.S. Navy Reserve for operations related to Hurricane Matthew.

While we admire Yenni’s service, and the communities in the path of the hurricane deserve all the help we can provide, Yenni is shirking his obligations to the voters of Jefferson.

He remained silent for a week since WWL and The New Orleans Advocate reported on his inappropriate texts and conversations. And he skipped Wednesday’s meeting of the Parish Council, passing on a chance to come clean and answer questions from the community.

It’s up to the people of Jefferson to decide whether they are comfortable with Yenni as their leader. But if he is unwilling to face them and answer their questions, he should resign.