The collapse of the Hard Rock building under construction on Canal Street in downtown New Orleans is a horrible disaster, one leaving families of victims hurting and a city with lots of questions. 

City and other officials will be investigating this situation for some time. Meanwhile, we strongly urge everyone to cooperate with fire, police and public transportation officials. The building at Canal and North Rampart streets is in danger of another collapse. Pieces of it have fallen, and the structure must be stabilized. A large swath of downtown is closed for the foreseeable future. 

One big issue is gawking and sightseeing. There were scores of people around out in the area this weekend. Some plopped down on streets and sidewalks to watch, as not much of anything could be seen. Several attempted to fly private drones, take pictures from the street and others used cells to FaceTime family and friends with reports from the scene. All of this is disruptive to fire and police efforts.

This is no time for gaping, ogling and rubbernecking. It’s not a good time to fixate on the collapse site to see what’s going on. Let the public officials take care of this serious business. We all want answers. We do not want anyone else injured, or worse.