Bank of Zachary staff members accept donations Nov. 8 at the Church Street branch. The bank was a part of the 2018 Zachary Community Food Bank “Pack The Pantry” Food Drive held Nov. 7-15. Representing the bank are, from left, Courtney Dunaway, Tiffany Portin, April Brown and Panithia Gresham.

The approach of Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on the bounty of our dinner tables — and also remember those who aren’t sharing in that plenty as the holidays arrive.

Food banks across the country have been challenged this year by large disasters such as Hurricane Florence in the Carolinas and the ongoing wildfires in California. Those catastrophes have stressed the national network of donated food, which is why it’s especially helpful this year to support your local food bank.

Food banks get renewed attention each holiday season, when thoughts of those without life’s material blessings are top of mind. In truth, of course, hunger is a problem for many throughout the year — especially here in Louisiana, where high rates of poverty plague many communities.

But if the needs are great, the generosity of south Louisianans is also enormous. We hope that spirit of giving translates into active support for local food banks this season. And a handy list of many area food banks can be found at

We urge residents to give this season so that the joy of the holidays will touch those who need it the most.