Rafael Rafidi.1

Businessman Rafael Rafidi is sworn in to the Jefferson Parish School Board.

The board that oversees Louisiana’s largest parish school system was embarrassed when it appointed a new member to fill a vacancy.

Doesn’t everybody in today’s world know to check social media posts by applicants?

That should be a stern rule for the Jefferson Parish School Board, as it fills the one-meeting term of Rafael Rafidi, an interim member.

The board was aware of some highly political Facebook posts by the businessman, but the Republican-leaning comments were hardly that great a barrier in the New Orleans suburbs; otherwise, he was on paper a great applicant, a son of immigrants, fluent in several languages, and with business experience that might have served the school system well.

But The Times-Picayune reported on his Twitter account’s profane denunciations of various politicians and even some disparagement of teachers. The school board majority was red-faced; Rafidi did the right thing and resigned.

When the board meets again to fill the vacancy, we can only hope that a social media checkup is part of the due diligence.