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American flags planted at the foot of the State Capitol are seen May 29. The flags, planted by members of the Blue Star Mothers of Louisiana, Chapter 1, are placed in memory of fallen Louisiana service members.

The summer is finally here and with it the important holidays that mark significant events in our nation’s history.

Flag Day was June 14 and its remembrance of the adoption of the United States flag from Betsy Ross by the Continental Congress. Coming up is July 4, the anniversary of the nation’s independence declared in 1776.

And as the coronavirus threat wanes, because of patriotic Americans getting their vaccinations, more and more people will want to be out celebrating our nation.

It’s a good season to check on the condition of the flags that so many homes and businesses display.

By law, under the Flag Code, it is unlawful to display the nation’s colors in a tattered condition. Unfortunately, typically by just neglect, too many homes and businesses do just that.

For our country, where the flag is a symbol of America’s history and great traditions, let’s celebrate this summer. But all of us should do so with flags that can be proudly displayed.

A flag check-up is part of our summer duties to our nation.